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About Me

My name is Dawn Lewis and I’m a contemporary artist based in Cheshire. I live with my husband Steve and our 3 cats Clive,Hamish and Misha.

I left school and went on to study at Northwich College of Art, after completing my ground and foundation course I carried on to Liverpool Poly studying Fine Art .

My career has taken me in all directions over the years but my love and passion for Art has always been there and probably even more so as I have got older .

I am inspired by nature, animals and I am crazy about cats …most people know me as the Crazy Cat Lady !

Original Work

I love using metallic gold and silver paint to highlight, give depth and dimension. My favourite medium is glitter, I just love it and it always makes me smile, it adds texture depth and sparkle! It really makes each work of art come alive in quite a magical way, so it glistens and changes colour in the light.

All my original paintings are hand finished with a gloss glaze to bring out and deepen the colours and make them pop.